1st of June

“Var glad min själ åt vad du har,

nu har du hundra sommardar

och detta är den första.

När solens lopp sin ände tar

så har du nittinio kvar

och någon blir den största.


Ge noga akta på var du står,

imorgon är med ens igår.

Det går så fort att vandra.

Lägg märke till att vad du får

är hundra sommardar per år.

Imorgon är den andra.”

– Kajenn (Caj Lundgren)


Today is the 1st of June, the first summerday in Sweden. The poem above – that I first learnt as a song in school – talks about the short summer days, only a hundred days, and the importance of seizing every moment. Spring has so far been quite cold and we really long for warmer temperatures. But I don´t want to miss the beauty of summer, just because it´s not warm enough. It´s light most of the days twentyfour hours, at least between 4 am and 10.30 pm. All nature is green, with flowers in all different colours. There is a beautiful scent of summer, especially in the evenings when the wind calms down and everything is still and quiet, in the slow dusk. Birds are singing everywhere.

This is a time of the year that most Swedish people wait for all year, but sometimes we rush through it longing for even better days, with more sunshine, warmer temperatures or sweeter strawberries. But summer is here now, and I want to enjoy every moment.


Here is a try to translate the poem:

Rejoice, my soul, over what you have

you have one hundred summer days

and this is the first one.

When sun sets tonight

ninetynine of them are left

and one of them will be the best one.


Keep a careful watch on where you are,

tomorrow is all of a sudden yesterday.

The walk passes by so quickly.

Notice that what you get

is a hundred summer days every year.

Tomorrow is the second one.

– Kajenn (Caj Lundgren)

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